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First post of 2016! Empty First post of 2016!

Post  poptart720 on Tue Jan 19, 2016 9:34 pm

I can't believe it is finally here! I have waited years to make this post, and now the universe has been kind enough to oblige my request to make it the first post of 2016. Years ago, when I was but a child, disconnected from reality, I vowed that I would one day be capable of overcoming the burdens and restrictions society hath put forth.  Now I am awoken inside, my dreams and visions are clearer then they have ever been, and I now know what I must do in order to achieve separation from this modern society that has become so carcinogenic to to the human spirit.

As Chris Mccandless so firmly put it in his dying words, "happiness is not real unless shared with others" and that is what I intend to live by. As I continue to travel the world in search of a higher purpose, and meaningful existence, I will do so with a companion some of you know as rinebo2000. Since 2011, him and I have been nearly inseparable, from Minecraft to World of Warcraft, to even go so far as to meet each-other in real life, him and I share a similar vision, one that includes breaking the shackles of expectations society has placed on us, and instead venturing into the unknown as God has intended man to live.

Voila! How have others not thought of this before? How could we as a society have been so blind as to think that dampening the human spirit of adventure and curiosity would be beneficial to man? We truly are on the verge of something new, a movement that will be the guide to future generations. When a hundred years pass and a Utopian society based on our principals raises from the ashes of the old, oh how they will sing our names!

Alas 2016, you stand before us as a testament to the human spirit, how after years of society's expectations you still find a way to exist inside each and every one of us. As the future fast approaches, as the horizon fades with the sunset, we need to make a choice: should we wait out the night for a morning that never comes, or change how we view the night and conform it to mans sense of adventure. I believe I know the answer

~With kept wishes~


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First post of 2016! Empty Re: First post of 2016!

Post  GoldXD on Tue Jan 19, 2016 9:48 pm


I always knew you two would find love with each other XOXOXO


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